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How to Iron Your Hair: 14 Simple Steps

How to Iron Your Hair: 14 Simple Steps

How to Iron Your Hair: 14 Simple Steps

Straight hair is surprisingly quick and easy to get using a flat iron styling tool without leaving home. Ceramic irons are popular because they provide uniform heat for most hair types and are relatively inexpensive; titanium plates can be better for coarse hair, and tourmaline (a.k.a. "ionic") plates are best suited for damaged hair. Using the proper straightening technique and applying appropriate hair treatment before and after straightening, you can keep your hair straight all day and protect your hair from heat damage. Follow the instructions below to learn how to properly iron your hair from beginning to end.


14 Simple Steps To Use Hair Straightener:

1 Use softening or moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.
2 Dry your hair with pats after getting out of the shower
3 Use a heat protection serum or heat treatment while your hair is wet
4 Dry the hair with a dryer.
5 Plug-in the iron and turn the switch on.
6 Separate your hair into several sections.
7 Place the hair straightener as close as possible to the roots.
8 Hold the iron down.
9 Run the flat iron along the section of your hair.
10 Run the straightener over the section up to 2-3 times
11 Move the straightened piece out of the way and release a new section of hair.
12 Put your dryer cold in the lowest airflow setting.
13 Apply a hair spray, a subsequent straightening product or an adjustment spray.
14 Take an umbrella with you.

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