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Cellulite Treatment Creams

Cellulite Treatment Creams

There are so many cellulite creams on the market. Their targets are mainly women. This is because over 70% of women have cellulite. It can be very attractive and convincing for the "weaker sex" to buy these cellulite treatment creams because of what the advertising has projected: Women with well-toned legs, thighs, and buttocks are attractive.

The point is, no cellulite cream, exercise, or even diet can completely cure anyone of cellulite. But what is it that makes these cellulite treatment creams so appealing? First of all, more than 70% of women are affected by cellulite, regardless of their age, size, and weight. This is due to a structural problem according to dermatologists.

Now that you are aware of it, that means cellulite creams may not really work. Even if this is the case, the creams are here to stay. No treatment can completely cure cellulite, however, these creams can help lessen the effects of cellulite. Let's take a look at some of the most common active ingredients in these creams and what they can do.

The majority of the firming lotions or cellulite treatment crèmes contain Aminophylline, Retinol, AHA, Caffeine... Aminophylline works by breaking down fat cells near the skin layer and turning them into fatty acids, while retinol penetrates deep into the skin and exfoliates and then stimulates collagen production to make the skin thicker.

Meanwhile, doctors are still not convinced of the effectiveness of cellulite treatment creams. Most of them allocate the blame to anatomy and hormones causing cellulite problems.

Since cellulite is mostly made up of fatty pockets of deposits under the skin, exercise can also help reduce cellulite. Just stretching your arms and legs, walking or jogging can not only reduce cellulite but also lower your overall body fat and increase your metabolism.

In a nutshell, what these creams can do would only help reduce the hollow appearance of your skin.

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