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Silk Touch Pro™ IPL Hair Removal Device

50w Shots US Plug
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Our Silk Touch Pro ™ laser hair removal device is the ONLY hair removal device you need to give you total freedom to eliminate hair growth on ANY body parts (including the face).

✔️ IPL hair removal device is a technology derived from professional home salons. use

✔️ Use it on any part of the body, face, and bikini line.

✔️ Smooth and effective even in sensitive areas of the body.

✔️ 4 years or more of full-body treatment for more than 500,000 flashes!

✔️ With UV filter, skin tone safety sensor, and cold touch pulses.

More than 75% hair reduction after only 4 treatments each in just 10 minutes!

Objective studies show a significant reduction of when you use laser hair removal device in only 4 treatments that take only 10 minutes. After these four treatments, you can enjoy the freedom of soft skin for up to two months between treatments.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF Silk Touch Pro™ IPL Hair Removal Device

✔️ Adjustable light levels: for any skin type and all levels. Adjustable lighting level that makes it more bearable if it is the first time or stronger if it is the tenth time.

✔️ Safe for all skin types: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin, any type of skin that you may think we attend without causing skin irritation during the process, and that your skin looks great afterwards. Less hard and much more subtle than most hair removal procedures

✔️ Less irritation: does not pull, pull or irritate the skin like most hair removal procedures. The adjustable lighting makes it much more bearable and much less painful than the traditional procedure. Giving you more peace of mind and less irritated skin to accompany it.

✔️ 100% painless: five optimal energy levels adjustable according to skin tolerance. Providing a gentle treatment without pain and easily, without damaging the skin.

✔️ No batteries or charging required: simply connect and go. You can remove hair from any part of the body, such as the leg region, the forearm region and even the armpit region. Instantly gives you results in a short period of time, in less than 30 minutes you can see the true importance of the amount of hair that really eliminates.

✔️ Saving time and money: which means you can enjoy much smoother skin without punctures without spending hundreds of dollars to perform a painful wax removal or hours of doing it yourself and not getting anywhere. The TOTAL BODY ™ laser hair removal phone does all the hard work so you don't have to.

✔️ Permanent hair removal: IPL works inside the pores, destroys the hair papilla, and achieves permanent hair removal in just 4 treatments!

✔️ Use in all areas of the face and body: how does the whole body sound? From the legs to the armpits, we can eliminate it much more easily with fewer changes.

✔️ Fast and suitable treatment for small areas: 3 cm square point size not too large or too small for anyone's curve, high efficiency, and fast speed that only takes several minutes to remove hair from the overlapping region that is difficult for The traditional method of hair removal.

✔️ Applicable worldwide: working voltage of 110 ~ 240V, suitable for all countries of the world.

✔️ More flash times: 500,000 flashes for longer usage time (up to 4 years)

✔️ LCD screen: provides clear information about the work modes, the remaining flashes, and the power levels

Step 1: shave your hair

Step 2: Dry your skin.

Step 3: Connect the power plug, 5 red indicators flash, press, and hold the key for 1-2 seconds, the device enters the operating state.

Step 4: Press and hold the key to select the gear (recommended gear from 1 to 5, the larger the gear, the greater the force).

Step 5: glue the device vertically on the skin that needs to be shaved. At this time, the red and purple lights flash alternately. Click the round flash button to complete once.

Step 6: Go through step 5, and the hair removal area can be repeated three times.

Step 7: After use, press and hold the switch key for 1-2 seconds to turn off and unplug.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best laser hair removal machine?


If you are looking for the best laser hair removal machine the Our Silk Touch Pro ™ laser hair removal device is the ONLY hair removal device you need to give you total freedom to eliminate hair growth on part of your body.

Do home laser hair removal devices work?

Yes. Our Silk Touch Pro ™ laser hair removal device works. Just follow the SIMPLE instruction 👉  How To Use Silk Touch Pro™ IPL Hair Removal Device on how it can be used.

How long until the hair falls out after laser?




How Many Sessions Does It Take For Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?


 When you want to use our Silk Touch Pro ™ laser hair removal device for Brazilian hair. You need at least 15 minutes or less of more than 4 sessions. 👉 EFFECTIVENESS IN ONLY 4 TREATMENTS


Can I Do Laser Hair Removal Every Day?

Objective studies show a significant reduction of when you use laser hair removal device in only 4 treatments that take only 10 minutes.


What Happens If You Do Laser Hair Removal Too Often?


 With proper treatment settings and with Silk Touch Pro ™ laser hair removal device, most hairs should have been temporarily removed or damaged with each treatment, with damaged hairs falling out within a week or 2 after treatment.


Does Hair Grow Back Thicker After Laser Hair Removal?


Laser hair removal does not make your hair thicker.

If there is a regrowth occurrence after all of the recommended treatment sessions, the hair is usually much thinner than the original growth and can be maintained with  Silk Touch Pro ™ laser hair removal device every six months.


What Happens If I Stop Laser Hair Removal?


If you eventually stop using Silk Touch Pro ™ laser hair removal after two sessions, your hair will no longer grow back because the hairs that were plucked are definitely gone.
If this was done in sections (as it can be done in large areas like the back) then obviously you will have a hairless area and the untreated area will still grow hair. 


How Long Does Laser Last?


Once you with you are through with your sessions, Silk Touch Pro ™ laser hair removal will last for at least two years;  You still need to keep maintaining those areas without hair as long as possible.

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